Top Ten Disney Duets (as voted by my followers)
→ #9 - Once Upon a Dream

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Cafe Fleurs  (by Adam Gallagher)


Cafe Fleurs (by Adam Gallagher)

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i have two moods fuck you and whats for dinner

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white supremacy, genocide, slavery, oppression, rape and the racism that still goes on today can still NEVER break or take away our history and the fact that Mexica women are strong, Mexica women are brown, Mexica women are beautiful, Mexica women are proud , Mexica women will fight and mexica women will rise. The future is ours. Liberation through education. Timexicah, We are mexica. 

-(a tribute to Mexica women)- josesleepydiaz

important notes:

Not Latino not Hispanic, we are Mexica (mesheekah) - people of Mexican, “native american”, and “central american” decent. One people One nation.

Chicanas in different generations

Except not all Chicanas are Mexica. Some are Tarasco, some are P’urepecha, some are Tarahumara, some are Zapotec, some are Maya, some are…

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Magpie playing with a puppy.


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These are all the logos for the different “lands” in Disneyland, from the 1982 Disneyland Guide Book.  Took a bit of Photoshopping to get them all clear of obstructions, although I left the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square, as it was pretty bare bones without it.  It’s the only “land” that didn’t merit a Mickey Mouse appearance!  

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